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7 Fall Coffee Drinks in Bend

7 Fall Coffee Drinks in Bend

There’s fall, and then there’s Fall in Bend, Oregon. It’s not reluctant or trepid, and it announces itself abruptly with 30-degree temperature drops, falling leaves, and shorter days. It’s air-conditioning on Sunday and stacking cords on Monday. Bend coffee shops have swapped out their summer menu items for heartier flavors of the season. Whether you celebrate or cringe at pumpkin spice season, you’re sure to fall for one of these craft seasonal drinks. Skip the Starbucks drive-through and try these seasonally curated drinks from Central Oregon roasteries.


1. Ocean Roll Latte | The Commons Café & Taproom

ocean roll latte in a red mug sitting in a red plate


What’s Bend without The Sparrow Bakery’s Ocean Roll? Well, thanks to The Commons Café, you can now nosh on a famous Ocean Roll while sipping on an Ocean Roll latté in front of the piano that John Legend played on when he was in town. Made with Thump Coffee’s espresso, vanilla and cardamon syrups, and sea salt, this drink gets our unofficial award for Bend-iest seasonal beverage. Before your first sip, first sniff and savor the smells of cardamom and espresso. This is the apex of fall!

The Commons is open 8-8 daily
875 NW Brooks St, Bend


2. Pumpkin Pie Chai | Looney Bean

Menu outside of Looney Bean coffee shop in Bend Oregon that features a pumpkin chai drink

If you’re feeling festive but aren’t a fan of pumpkin pie spice, opt for Looney Bean’s Pumpkin Pie Chai. The pumpkin and chai flavors are sweet but not overpowering. If you like your drinks with an espresso kick, opt for the Pumpkin Pie Dirty Hippie. You can enjoy your cup of fall inside the converted cottage or take it to the backyard for one of Bend’s best Deschutes River views. We can think of more than one reason why the Looney Bean was voted Best Coffee Shop, but go see and taste for yourself. 

Looney Bean is open 7-5 daily
961 NW Brooks St, Bend


3. Apple Jack Latte | The Pantry

Courtesy The Pantry

If you haven’t yet visited The Pantry on Newport Avenue — don’t walk, run. They have an impressive menu of craft coffee beverages and a Refillery bar that boasts more than 250 bulk goods. When it comes to fall coffee drinks, grab a seasonal Apple Jack latté. Their festive latté was inspired by Dolly Parton and is made with Heartwood espresso (Lone Pine Coffee Roasters), lemon, apple butter, and warm spices.

The Pantry is open 8-4 Wednesday-Sunday
1124 NW Newport Ave, Bend


4. Pumpkin Latte | Jackson’s Corner Westside


Pumpkin without the spice, order the Pumpkin latté at Jackson’s Corner. Made with puréed roasted pumpkins from Rainshadow Organics and Thump Coffee espresso, this latté screams #local. And pairs well with Jackson’s freshly made bread and jam. Arrive before 9:00 a.m. to beat the crowds.

Jackson’s Westside is open Mondays and Thursday through Saturday from 7 am – 2 pm and 4 pm – 9 pm; Sundays 7 am – 4 pm
845 NW Delaware Ave, Bend


5. Noisette Latte | Lone Pine Coffee Roasters


Want to travel to Europe without boarding a plane? Get on board with Lone Pine’s Noisette latté. The French word noisette translates to hazelnut in English and Lone Pine’s iteration is the perfect fall drink for taking a deep inhale of the crisp air and pretending you’re in the City of Lights. The drink is made with Oregon-roasted hazelnut butter and lightly sweetened with organic sugar. While you’re in Europe, grab one of Lone Pine’s coveted liege waffles, made with sugar pearls that carmelize the crust, and put all other waffles to shame. *No syrup necessary. 

Lone Pine also serves an incredible Golden Milk latté, made with their special cashew-almond milk, turmeric and topped with cinnamon.


Lone Pine – Boomtown 7 am – 5 pm daily
910 NW Harriman St #150, Bend
East Side 6 am – 5 pm daily
1462 NE Cushing Dr Suite 160, Bend


6. Vanilla Maple Latte | Megaphone Coffee Co.

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The transition from summer to fall in Bend coffee shops couldn’t be more seamless than at Megaphone Coffee Co., which shares a space with Boss Rambler Beer Club. We recently covered Boss Rambler’s boozy slushies for summer, but have you tried Megaphone’s Vanilla Maple latté? The vanilla maple syrup is made from scratch and added to Megaphone’s own espresso blend. You can enjoy it hot or iced and pair it with a yummy pastry from Foxtail Bakeshop.

Megaphone Coffee Co. is open 7 am – 1 pm daily
1009 NW Galveston Ave, Bend


7. London Fog | Kennedy’s Coffee House

Walking into Kennedy’s Coffee House feels like walking into a warm cabin after a day on the slopes. The plants invite you to take a seat and escape the cold, and the best way to do that is with their London Fog. Made with vanilla, Earl Grey tea, and steamed cream, this drink takes me back to the days I studied abroad in Ireland — where black tea with cream was served around the clock. Earl Grey has been known to improve digestion, ease stress, and calm the brain. So be prepared to experience the coziest hygge vibes. Get extra cozy in their oversized lounge chairs and enjoy a coldy, rainy Bend morning.


Kennedy’s Coffee House is open Monday-Friday, 7 am – 1 pm; Saturdays 8 am – 1 pm
1444 NW College Way #3, Bend


Bonus: Black Cat | The Pantry

There are two types of coffee drinkers: those who drink iced coffee year-round, and those who are not psychos. All kidding aside, for those who believe that iced coffee isn’t restricted by the weather, you’ll love The Pantry’s Black Cat. Cold-brew made with cream, activated charcoal, and vanilla bean. Pair it with a vegan pop tart, bagel bomb, or the heartiest slice of their ciabatta frittata.


Support Bend coffee shops by drinking local!

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