Must-Try Fall Coffee Drinks in Bend and Beyond

And just like that, it’s Fall in Bend, Oregon. There’s something magical about autumn in Central Oregon. Here, the temperatures drop abruptly, fireplaces resume use, and the leaves begin to change color. It’s air-conditioning on Sunday and stacking cords on Monday. Bend coffee shops have swapped out their summer menu items for autumnal flavors. Whether you celebrate or cringe at pumpkin spice season, you will surely fall for one of these fall coffee drinks in Bend and Central Oregon!

1. Bourbon Caramel Latte, Sisters Coffee Co.

woman holds a cup of coffee at sisters coffee company
Courtesy Sisters Coffee Co.

What better way to enjoy a Fall coffee drink in Bend than to start with the original coffee roasters of Central Oregon? Sisters Coffee Co. originated in the 80’s as the first business in the region to roast coffee beans, and the rest is history. Now, you can enjoy their coffee drinks at two Central Oregon coffee shops, including their flagship Sisters, Oregon, location.

This breve coffee (made with half-and-half in place of milk) blends barrel-aged bourbon syrup, caramel, espresso, and smoked sea salt. The result? Silky texture, woody flavors, with a balance of rich, sweet caramel. The only thing that could make this drink better would be to enjoy it while strolling through Downtown Sisters, admiring the Fall foliage.

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2. Pumpkin Pie Chai, Looney Bean

Red mug labeled 'looney bean' held at a park in bend oregon
What’s better, the pumpkin pie chai or the views? | Eat Drink Media

If you’re feeling festive but aren’t a fan of pumpkin pie spice, opt for Looney Bean’s Pumpkin Pie Chai. The pumpkin and chai flavors are sweet but not overpowering. If you like your drinks with an espresso kick, opt for the Pumpkin Pie Dirty Hippie. You can enjoy your cup of fall inside the converted cottage or take it to the backyard for one of Bend’s best Deschutes River views. We can think of more than one reason why the Looney Bean was voted Best Coffee Shop, but go see and taste for yourself. 

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3. Apple Jack Latte, The Pantry

Courtesy The Pantry

If Fall has you dreaming of apple picking and warm Fall spices, we have the perfect drink for you—the apple jack latte. Curl up with a housemade pastry and this cozy apple-spiced latte at The Pantry, across the street from Newport Market. Here, they have an impressive menu of craft coffee beverages and a Refillery bar that boasts more than 250 bulk goods. Their popular seasonal latte is inspired by Dolly Parton and is made with Still Vibrato espresso and apple butter, enhanced with warm spices, and brightened up with lemon.

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4. Pumpkin Maple Latte, Tite Knot Craft Coffee

overhead view of a pumpkin latte next to a plate of scones
Pumpkin maple latte and an almond scone. | Eat Drink Media

They call it a coffee shop, we call it the Secret Garden of Redmond. This adorable coffee truck, parked on a quaint corner near Downtown Redmond, serves specialty pastries and coffee drinks. With the changing of the leaves, you’ll find a changing of the seasonal menu to include this coffee treat — pumpkin maple latte.

After ordering your drink (and peach butterscotch scone), head to their outdoor grassy patio, surrounded by trees, flowers, and greenery. If the temps are a little cooler than you prefer, pop inside their cozy cottage-turned-café with indoor seating, reading nooks, and a stone fireplace. Sipping on a pumpkin-y, maple-y latte curled up with a good book? Sounds like the perfect Sunday morning to us!

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5. Caramel Apple Crisp Latte, Porchlight Coffee Co

iced caramel apple latte on a butcher block
Courtesy Porchlight Coffee

Not everyone has the time to sit and enjoy a leisurely Fall coffee drink. Enter Porchlight Coffee Co. drive-thru café. A local’s favorite, Porchlight Coffee takes pride in making fun and seasonal drinks, including this caramel apple crisp latte. Velvety espresso and rich apple butter come together in your choice of milk for a cozy Fall drink to get you through school drop-off, your first work meeting—and Bend morning traffic.

Go ahead and add a breakfast burrito to your order, if you’re in need of some sustenance. And, if you’re not ready for a hot coffee drink, make it iced. In search of a midday coffee drink without the espresso? They’ll make it a caramel apple crisp chai; just ask!

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6. Pumpkin Bearded Hipster, Bent Coffee

Cup of coffee with whipped cream in a clear mug
Courtesy Bent Coffee

This Fall, Bent Coffee gives the “Dirty Hippy” the autumn treatment. If you’re unfamiliar, a dirty hippy is a chai latte with a shot of espresso—also known as a dirty chai. In this pumpkin-filled version, Bent Coffee combines fresh pumpkin, housemade chai, and espresso for a seasonal twist on this riff. Hang out at their College Way Corner café while getting in tune with your inner basic hippy with this dirty pumpkin chai latte.

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7. Pumpkin Spice Latte, Junction Roastery & Social Club

latte in a blue mug is topped with whipped cream
Courtesy Junction Roastery

Sometimes, you just want a good ol’ classic pumpkin spiced latte. Now, we’re not talking artificial colors, heavily flavored syrups, and loads of sweetener; this Fall coffee drink is a genuine latte infused with pumpkin pie spices. (You know, like nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger clove, and allspice). Grab your friends and gather at Junction Roastery, which serves as a “social club” coffee house with plenty of space to spread out. Whether you crave social interaction or a quiet spot to read the newspaper, Junction Roastery has the spot that’s right for you.

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Bonus: Campfire Chills, Sisters Coffee Co.

Alright, iced coffee girlies, this one is especially for you. If year-round iced coffee is your vibe, Sisters Coffee Co. has a fall drink made just for you. Campfire Chills combines the flavors of Fall with fresh cold brewed coffee. Over ice, cold brew is infused with honey, cinnamon, and vanilla syrup, then finished with cream. Enjoy your frigid coffee outside beneath the pines that shade Sisters Coffee Co.’s patio, or enjoy some indoor coziness affront their massive fireplace in the two-story café.

Support Bend and Central Oregon coffee shops by drinking local!


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