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The growth of your business depends on the strength of your relationships in the community.

As Deschutes County welcomes 6,000 new residents each year, it’s a constant battle to stay top of mind. Over the years, you’ve worked incredibly hard to build a community brand that is trusted and valued within the community. As the area grows, it’s essential to find new ways to build high-trust connections with those who live here.

Get started with our Trusted Partner Growth Program.

We help small businesses in Central Oregon build high-trust relationships to grow their business.

With over 40,000 visitors viewing our content every month, you have a unique opportunity to engage with them in a meaningful way that builds trust and creates positive brand associations.

As a trusted authority figure in the community, locals know that Eat Drink Bend supports small, locally-owned businesses. Sharing our platform with select trusted partners tells them that these companies, too, value and support the local economy.

Our Trusted Partner Growth Program will help you:

  1. Expand your audience
  2. Build high trust awareness
  3. Stand out from the competition
  4. Generate more leads
  5. Win more customers

Eat Drink Bend Partnership benefits.

After building a trusted audience, one thing we know is that quality content creates engagement.

When people interact with content they care about and trust, they feel connected, engaged and part of the bigger community.

Our Trusted Partner Growth Program is a unique opportunity for a small group of businesses that want to build deep, lasting connections with their audience in a meaningful way.

Those connections are the first step in capturing the attention of your customers, both those new to Bend and those who have been here for years.

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