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5 Boozy Slushies to Enjoy this Summer

5 Boozy Slushies to Enjoy this Summer

Summer’s not over, and neither is your chance to enjoy one (or more) of these grown-up boozy slushies around Bend! From frozen beer to kumquat and rum slushies, Central Oregon has a taste of something for everyone.


1. Bo’s Falafel

Woman holds a cup with a slushie in Bend Oregon
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The small food cart on the corner of Galveston and 14th is known for its inclusivity, activism, and some of Bend’s best falafel. But, their rotating slushie specials are one of our favorite reasons to visit Bo’s during the summer. And, even better, the slushies can be made with or without alcohol. Some flavors include cranberry lemonade, kumquat, and — Eat Drink Bend’s favorite — piña colada. Open Thursday through Sunday starting at 11:30 am.

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2. Wild Ride Brewing

Cup of beer topped with frozen slushie
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Slushee beers at Wild Ride Brewing feels like the epitome of summer in Redmond. Surrounded by food carts in the heart of Downtown Redmond, sipping on one of Wild Ride’s signature beers topped with your choice of slush is fit for any Central Oregon day over 75º. Their Cold Chillin’, an ice cold pour of Vanilla Cream Ale topped Orange Crush slush will take you back to childhood memories of sprinklers and creamsicles. We also suggest you try Tarty for the Party, a pour of cherry-lemon tart ale topped with lemonade slush.

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3. Midtown Yacht Club

Glass of frozen wine topped with whipped cream and blue straw
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Turn a glass of Rosé or Sauvignon Blanc into Frosé with their wine slushie menu. Choose your wine along with your favorite flavors, like strawberries and cream, and let them work their magic. Frosé slushies come with a topping of whipped cream, which only makes you feel more like you’re sipping slushies on a tropical island.

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two glasses of holiday cocktail prepared for bend holiday markets

4. 10 Barrel

10 barrel cup holds a frozen cocktail slushie
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What started out as frozen sour beers has transformed into cocktails-turned-slushies. The slushie du jour is bartender’s choice, so you’ll have to pay their pub a visit to find out what’s on menu.

Visit 10 Barrel East


5. Boss Rambler Beer Club

Woman holds two pouches of boozy slushie from Boss Rambler Beer Club in Bend Oregon
Courtesy Boss Rambler Beer Club

What started out as frosé and frozen beer foam has evolved into an adult’s playground. Grown-up boozy slushies come in to-go juice pouches in 16oz and 32oz sizes. We suggest hanging around their Galveston patio for day drinking and chill.

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