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Dessert Delivery Offers Specialty Treats in Bend

Dessert Delivery Offers Specialty Treats in Bend

box of birthday cake donuts with vanilla frosting and sprinkles

Imagine your favorite desserts delivered to your front door with the click of a button. No, I’m not talking about grocery or restaurant delivery services. I’m talking about hand-selected baked goods made to order and hand-delivered. That’s Kristina Serhan’s specialty. Her Bend dessert delivery venture, Chalk to Flour, specializes in home-baked sweets and treats.


As a hobby, Serhan started a custom baked goods and delivery service. Four years later, she began planning her Central Oregon baked goods business. Just shortly after relocating to Bend in the Fall of 2019, she was ready. Chalk to Flour began by offering custom cakes in Bend and Redmond, with all baked goods available for delivery. However, porch pick-up is available in Bend on the west side.

Kristina Serhan of Chalk to Flour wears a white apron before baking custom desserts
Kristina Serhan, owner of Chalk to Flour. Courtesy Chalk to Flour.

Launching a new venture

Her business started with a small website, which later evolved into networking and word-of-mouth order requests. “I started up a website for Chalk to Flour shortly after we got to Bend. It wasn’t until the middle of 2020 that I really started trying new things with my business like beginning the rotating seasonal menu,” said Serhan.


She created recipes and menu items featuring local, quality ingredients. With resources from Bend farmer’s markets, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and local honey and jam, her seasonal offerings expanded.

Bite taken out of a birthday cake donut from dessert delivery service
Birthday cake donuts for more than just your birthday. Copyright Eat Drink Media.

Chalk to Flour took off through the power of social media and happy customers. Custom cakes and dessert orders started coming in for birthdays, special occasions, wedding dessert bars, or simple weekday treats.


I want those with dietary restrictions to be allowed to splurge without worry or fear of lack of flavor or texture. I pride myself on baking with love, and I think it’s apparent in every order.


Home kitchens and baked goods

Oregon cottage food laws allow bakers like Serhan to make and distribute small-batch desserts from their home kitchens. This applies to bakers who make non-potentially hazardous foods. The law permits them to bake and sell custom desserts without a commercial kitchen. Cottage food laws apply only to foods that don’t require refrigeration, like cakes and pastries.

9 cookie bars drizzled in chocolate, cut into squares with bite taken out of one
You won’t want to skip out on the cookie bars. Copyright Eat Drink Media.

Chalk to Flour gets its namesake from Serhan’s love of baking and CrossFit, which aims to create more than just in-house recipes. “When I say custom desserts, I mean bring me your wildest sweet dreams. It could be recreating a recipe your grandma used to make or simply combining two of your favorite sweets into one. I want to create something that will ‘wow’ you,” Serhan explained.


She continued, “I want those with dietary restrictions to be allowed to splurge without worry or fear of lack of flavor or texture. I pride myself on baking with love, and I think it’s apparent in every order.”


Dessert delivery

Chalk to Flour’s menu features cake donuts in flavors like birthday cake, Aztec chocolate, and lemon sugar. Cookie bars are a customer favorite, which are made with brown butter and offered in flavors like white chocolate and sea salt. If cakes and donuts aren’t your taste, try a mini peach pie or berry cheesecake.

Chalk to Flour box of donuts tied with twine in a white and clear box
The sweetest delivery box ever! Copyright Eat Drink Media.

Delivery is available within Bend city limits for $5, or to Redmond for $12. Most orders require a 48-hour notice, but it’s best to reach out directly to ensure baking and delivery times. Online forms allow customers to send in requests for orders for delivery or pick-up.


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