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Boss Rambler Beer Club Receives Awards Nomination

Boss Rambler Beer Club Receives Awards Nomination

inside boss rambler beer club bend oregon in a brightly lit room with common seating and yellow barstools, green plats, and orange pillows

It’s been less than two years since Boss Rambler Beer Club joined Megaphone Coffee Co. on Galveston ave.

Together, they’ve cultivated a gathering hub that’s become a favorite for locals and visitors alike. The popular brewpub, which is known for its creative brew names and can designs, was previously named Best New Brewery at the 2020 Oregon Beer Awards.


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Now, they’re among the top five nominees for Best New Brewery USA Today’s 10 Best. You can vote for them daily from now through March 16.

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Refrigerator labeled 'beer to go' holds pastel colored beer cans for Boss Rambler Beer club in Bend Oregon
Courtesy Boss Rambler Beer Club

Awards Update

USA Today ranks Boss Rambler #3 for the best new breweries of 2021.

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silver moon brewing cosmic chill can of beer with blue spray painted SM logo next to pint labeled silver moon brewing filled with IPA and foamy top

“Boss Rambler, based in Bend’s Westside neighborhood near the Deschutes River, seeks to make memorable beers, whether it’s a hazy IPA, an imperial stout made with balsam fir and maple syrup or a coconut cream and pineapple fruited sour,” USA Today described.

For a summer treat, try one of their boozy beer slushies on their Galveston Ave patio.

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