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9 Breakfast Items in Bend When You’re On the Go

9 Breakfast Items in Bend When You’re On the Go

Jackson's Corner toast topped with creme fraiche, cucumber, sliced red onion, lox, topped with fresh dill.

Before heading out on your Central Oregon adventure, on your way to the office, or after dropping off the kids at school, try one of these 9 breakfast items in Bend that are sure to kickstart your day.


1. Savory Croissant, The Village Baker

Offered daily in rotation, with options like black forest ham and gruyere, smoked turkey and Tillamook cheddar, or jalapeño, bacon and cream cheese. Grab a blackberry sage iced tea to pair with your croissant!

Village Baker
1470 SW Knoll Ave, Bend

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2. Breakfast Tostadas, A Broken Angel food cart

Avocado on corn tortillas with scrambled tofu

This vegan food cart serves food so delicious, it could convert anyone to a plant-based diet! Their breakfast tostadas are made with griddled potatoes, house tofu scramble, poblano crème, kale, and avocado, served on grilled white corn tortillas. Parked at Spoken Moto, get your coffee fix while you wait—inside of the Pine Shed, Spoken Moto’s coffee bar and lounging area.

A Broken Angel
310 SW Industrial Ave, Bend
(458) 202-9334

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3. Baden Baden, Mother’s Juice Cafe

The juice café has been serving fresh juice and smoothies for over 20 years in Bend. Now with two locations, you can grab this avocado, egg, tomato, spinach, swiss, mama’s chimichurri breakfast sando— served on multi-grain bread—before hitting the trails or heading up the mountain.

Mother’s Juice Cafe
1255 NW Galveston Ave, Bend
62090 Dean Swift Rd, Bend

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4. Big O Bagels, Eye Opener

everything bagel stuffed with black forest ham, egg, cheese served at Big O Bagels in Bend.
Courtesy Big O Bagels

Big O Bagels has been making bagels in Bend for over 25 years! Choose your bagel to sandwich egg, cheese, and choice of bacon, ham, or sausage. Their four Central Oregon locations open at 7 am every day to fuel your daytime plans!

See all locations

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5. Sol Verde, Breakfast Burrito

Conveniently located across the street from Megaphone Coffee, Sol Verde’s food truck has a heart breafkast burrito made with your choice of bacon, sausage, chile verde or carne adobada, eggs, potatoes cheese, red and/or green chile sauce, tomatoes, and cilantro wrapped in a flour tortilla. Prefer corn tortillas? No problem! Get it served as a scramble with a side of corn tortillas.

Sol Verde
1040 NW Galveston Ave, Bend
(541) 610.8399

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6. Millennial Toast, Fix and Repeat

Jackson's Corner bread toasted and topped with symmetrically sliced avocado, sprinkled with olive oil, chili powder, and crunch sea salt.
Courtesy Fix & Repeat

You don’t have to be born a Millennial to appreciate this avocado toast! Hearty bread is toasted and served with sliced avocado, garlic, drizzled with olive oil, and topped with chili flakes and sea salt. Grab a Riff Cold Brewed or fresh juice to pair with breakfast.

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Plate of dumplings and side salad from Himalayan Bites at On Tap in Bend Oregon

Fix & Repeat
555 NW Arizona Ave, Bend

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7. Breakfast Burrito, Los Jalapeños

The unassuming Greenwood avenue taqueria offers more than seven variations of their breakfast burrito. Classics like shredded beef, chorizo, and seasoned veggies are just a few filling options. All breakfast burritos are made with two eggs and hashbrowns.

Los Jalapeños
601 NE Greenwood Ave, Bend
(541) 383-1402

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8. Breakfast Sandwich, The Sparrow Bakery

Hand-rolled croissant filled with poached egg, fresh arugula, and bright green aioli.
Copyright Eat Drink Media

If you’re wondering why folks stand in line, often braving freezing temperatures, for a taste of Sparrow Bakery, this croissant breakfast sandwich has the answer. Hand-rolled croissants are served with a poached egg, avocado, and arugula aioli. Choose between bacon and Havarti cheese for your protein.

The Sparrow Bakery
50 SE Scott St, Bend
(541) 330-6321
2748 NW Crossing Dr #110
(541) 647-2323

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9. Lox Toast, Thump Coffee Roastery

Jackson's Corner toast topped with creme fraiche, cucumber, sliced red onion, lox, topped with fresh dill.
Copyright Eat Drink Media

Toasted Jackson’s Corner bread is topped with dill cream cheese, cucumber, radish, red onion, lox, sesame seeds, and fresh dill. It’s light, yet completely satisfying. Add an egg for $2! Available only at the Northwest Roastery location.

Thump Roastery & Bakery
549 NW York Dr #200, Bend
(541) 647-2284

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