Bend Breakfast Burrito Joins The Grove in Northwest Crossing

Bend Breakfast Burrito has officially moved its cart to The Grove Market Hall in Northwest Crossing for the fall and winter seasons.


Recently, the Bend Breakfast Burrito family celebrated six months in business. I first met the owners on a sunny Sunday in May outside of The Commons Café. There, I met Val Hilton, co-owner of Bend Breakfast Burrito. Val and her husband Trent Hilton started Bend Breakfast Burrito as a catering and delivery business in February 2021 and launched their food cart in front of The Commons in May.


Breakfast burrito cut in half with cheese stretching across the potatoes
The infamous “cheese pull”


Love and Burritos

After working in restaurants for more than 12 years together, they promised each other that if they ever left the restaurant it would be to open their own place. So, they did. But not before traveling through Europe and Asia with their two kids for nearly a year. (And blogging about it!)


“We had the best time trying new foods and meeting amazing people along the way until the pandemic brought us home,” says Val. Constant travel meant constant change but one thing remained consistent at each destination — Trent cooked breakfast burritos for his family.


Val and Trent Hilton owners of Bend Breakfast Burrito
Owners Val and Trent Hilton

“We loved going on the hunt for ingredients, sometimes subbing out standard ingredients for local favorites,” Val recalls. “I’ve always loved breakfast burritos but now our burritos bring me so much nostalgia.” Over the last few months, their burritos with fresh salsas, banana bread muffins and cereal bars have inspired similar feelings among their growing following.


Bend Loves Breakfast Burritos

Bend Breakfast Burrito’s chorizo burrito has been a customer favorite, along with the tomatillo and spicy red salsas that Val makes from scratch. But the cart has something for everyone with their traditional bacon burrito and new vegan burrito with avocado crema. Their cereal bars, specifically the Froot Loop cereal bar, take me back to the carefree days of my childhood. Of course, they’re a hit with the little ones, too. During the summer months, my family fueled up on Sundays at the Bend Breakfast Burrito cart.


overhead shot of breakfast burritos and tapatio hot sauce
The OG — bacon, egg, cheese, and potatoes.

Nearly every menu item at the cart has a story behind it. The banana bread muffins recipe has been passed down from Val’s grandmother — and now her kids bake them, too. The Burrito Bowl was one of “the silver linings of stay-at-home pandemic life,” according to Val. In an Instagram post, they shared that Trent cooked up the now-infamous burrito bowl for himself every day for nearly eight months.


Trent made this burrito bowl for himself nearly 200 times during the height of the pandemic; it finally dawned on him to add it to the menu. Now, many customers are thanking him for the addition, served with avocado crema and chips from Juanita’s Foods.


Winter Home

After a successful summer at The Commons, Bend Breakfast Burrito will spend the winter at The Grove Market Hall in Northwest Crossing. The Commons will continue to carry Bend Breakfast Burrito’s vegetarian burrito and banana bread muffins inside their café. Along with the new Vegan Burrito — made with scrambled tofu, black beans, seasoned potatoes, tomato, onion, and cilantro — you can now find Pumpkin Maple Pecan Granola at the cart, just in time for fall. And, don’t worry, you can still get the delivery experience.


The couple’s new catering cart can be found at local events and they’re still providing next-day deliveries on breakfast orders. We’re extremely grateful for the Hiltons and their passion for hospitality. And bringing the gift of breakfast burritos all the way from Europe and Asia to Bend.


Bend Breakfast Burrito’s cart is open at The Grove on Tuesday between 8 am and 1230 pm. Deliveries are available via their website Tuesday through Saturday between 7:30 and 11 am. Order ahead by 7 pm the evening before your delivery at — delivery is free! Catering services are available.

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