Dear Mom Café: Favorite Thai Dishes and Drinks

It’s been a year since Dear Mom Café swooped in and became Bend’s newest Thai food rockstar. Every dish pays homage to “Mom” and her heirloom Thai recipes. Some with a twist, and some honoring the centuries-long composition of ingredients and preparation. Still, one element remains consistent: the dedication to immaculately prepared Thai dishes that leave customers lusting for more.

Whether you’re craving a classic Thai dish or are ready to explore the harmonious umami of spicy chilis, creamy coconut, tangy lime, and savory fish sauce—to name a few—then Dear Mom Café should be your next dining destination.

plate of crispy chicken wings topped with garnish of saffron at dear mom cafe in bend oregon

Midnight Chicken Wings

One would be remiss to skip out on ordering the Midnight Chicken Wings at Dear Mom Café. Dressed in a caramelized fish sauce, these fried wings come with pickled veggies, enveloping your ‘buds with a mingling of senses. They make a fantastic share plate, entree side, or your own appetizer. With wings this scrumptious, you’ll likely be hesitant to share.


Mom’s Salad

For a burst of freshness and exotic flavors, try Mom’s Salad. Infused with fresh citrus, savory dressing, and bright vegetables and fruits, this salad will leave your tastebuds singing. Shredded green mango and grilled shrimp are served over a bed of mixed greens and a side of Mom’s umami house dressing. With flavors and freshness like this, you’ll forget that you’re landlocked in the middle of Oregon as you’re mentally transported to Southeast Asia.

vibrantly colored blue plate with rice, sliced red radishes, mixed greens, and fried egg

Holy Basil Rice

Prepare for a flavor explosion with the Holy Basil Rice. With a medium spice level, this dish takes your palate on an adventure through umami flavors and rich textures. It features a medley of roasted mixed vegetables cooked in Mom’s spicy umami sauce, bird’s red eye chili, crispy holy basil, and a perfectly fried egg. The holy basil, distinct from Thai basils, adds a peppery kick, adding another layer of spice to the plate. While you can choose your protein, we strongly recommend the Mom’s fried chicken.

plate of crab fried rice with sliced cucumbers

Crab Fried Rice

How does one go back to ordering fried rice after devouring Dear Mom Cafe’s crab fried rice?! This dish will spoil you with its jumbo lump crab meat over fried rice. Their fried rice will awaken your tastebuds with onion, tomato, cilantro, cage-free egg, and zesty Thai seafood sauce. Then, cleanse your palate with a side of house broth while you await your next dish.

paella dish with seafood thai paella

Thai Paella

For the ultimate “splurge” plate (or bowl, rather), the Thai paella is a must! Imagine the most flavorful paella infused with lemongrass, kaffir lime, and galangal, then loaded with seafood like mussels, crawfish, and jumbo shrimp. These magical umami flavors will be dancing across your palate as you devour and savor!

glass of thai iced tea with foamy top, red straw, on a table in a restaurant

Thai Iced Tea

Day or night, Thai iced tea is the way to go for a classic beverage. After all, what’s not to love? A strong serving of black tea infused with spices like star anise, tamarind, and cardamom, sweetened with condensed milk and poured over ice. Even more refreshing when enjoyed in the sun on Dear Mom Café’s outdoor patio!

two glasses of purple infused lemonade with rosemary garnish

Lavender Lemonade

It’s no secret that mocktails are just as in-demand and popular as their alcohol-infused counterpart. Dear Mom’s lavender lemonade starts with a homemade lavender shrub and fresh lemon juice. Then, it’s infused with soda water for a little bubbly and topped with stunning butterfly pea flower for a magnificent and vibrant purple vibe!

round cocktail glass with mango cocktail and rosemary garnish

Mango Tango Lushy

Summer in a slush! Lean into the summer heat with a spicy yet sweet twist on a classic margarita. Featuring a blend of Blanco tequila, fresh lime juice, and mango shrub, this ‘lushy’ is a one-way ticket to a tropical island vacation as you sip. And the kicker? A Chamoy and Tajin rim balanced out by the sweet and tangy fresh mango.

thai food in the foreground with a grocery bag labeled dear mom cafe in the background

Classic Thai Food at Dear Mom Café

From soups like Tom Yum River Prawn to noodle dishes like Grandma’s Pad Thai, Dear Mom Café will satiate cravings for authentically prepared Thai plates. Every plate showcases high-quality ingredients honoring traditional Thai flavors while incorporating local influences. So come and sip on cocktails as elaborate as they are refreshing, and enjoy dishes flavored as brightly as their trendy, eye-catching decor. Explore the Dear Mom Café menu and visit them in the Century Park Shopping Center next to Safeway.

non-alcoholic sparkling hop water

Unflavored Daily Collagen

non-alcoholic sparkling hop water

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