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Among all the growth we’re seeing in Central Oregon, Redmond’s food scene is one we welcome. Its thriving downtown continues to add places to visit for cocktails, date nights, wine tasting, coffee shops, and casual dining. While economic difficulties and a highly competitive market forced some restaurants to shut down in the last year or so, promising entrants are emerging.

Here, we’ll discuss new restaurants in Redmond, Oregon, and where you should have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in 2024.

1. Redmond Food Park 

If you are looking for an alcohol-free establishment with excellent cuisine, Hoss Talebi’s Redmond Food Park is an ideal choice. Surprisingly, many individuals initially advised Talebi against opening an alcohol-free food establishment, citing concerns about insufficient sales. Despite these recommendations, Talebi proceeded with his plan, and his venture has been quite successful.

The food park operates entirely through food carts, offering a blend of Mediterranean cuisine and cheesesteaks. As a substitute for alcoholic beverages, Talebi provides customers with boba tea and fresh juices.

Location: 122 SW 5th St. in Downtown Redmond.

2. Bangers and Brews, Redmond 

Bangers and Brews, known for its sausage-based dishes and craft beer, has a new spot. What’s known as the best restaurant in Central Oregon via Yelp has expanded to Redmond. Imagine having a locally sourced, juicy sausage with your choice brew—a heavenly match. However, it’s not all sausages here.

Bangers and Brews also brings Wisconsin cheese curds and homemade bratwurst meatballs. Football fans will have a field day with a sound-on screening of all Green Bay Packers games served with a hearty breakfast on select game days.

Location: 827 SW 7th St Redmond, OR 97756

3. Elements Public House 

Elements Public House is a no-brainer if you want an old-fashioned experience in Northern Redmond. Every weekend, you can enjoy fantastic music without a cover fee. And, their menu is even more exciting! From appetizers and tacos to pizzas and red wine, they have various foods to accommodate every taste.

Courtesy Elements Public House

They offer a multi-cultural menu that combines Persian delights with American cuisine. Their chicken tandoori, Chapli ‘Elements’ Burger, and vegetarian samosa are among locals’ favorites and great for those who want to try something different.

Location: 1857 NW 6th St, Redmond, OR 97756

4. Cuppa Yo

Central Oregon’s favorite fro-yo spot is growing! From Dole Whip to pistachio, their rotating flavors and toppings allow for endless options. Cuppa Yo offers more than 90 rotating flavors, including seasonal delights like pumpkin pie and eggnog.

Cuppa Yo, a beloved frozen yogurt shop in Bend, Oregon, is a favorite summer destination for families. Located in the heart of the city, Cuppa Yo offers a delightful array of self-serve frozen yogurt flavors, each crafted to perfection with high-quality ingredients.

Families flock to this vibrant spot to enjoy a refreshing treat amidst the summer heat, creating a fun and interactive experience as they customize their yogurt with an extensive selection of toppings, from fresh fruits to decadent chocolates. The welcoming atmosphere, combined with the delicious and healthy dessert options, makes Cuppa Yo a cherished spot for creating sweet summer memories.

Location: 446 SW 6th St, Redmond, OR 97756

5. Rincón Azteca

This vibrant restaurant brings the rich flavors of Mexico to the heart of Redmond with its diverse menu, featuring everything from flavorful tacos and enchiladas to refreshing margaritas. With customers at the forefront of their menu creation, Rincón Azteco delivers authentic Mexican cuisine that leaves customers satisfied and coming back for more.

Their unique dishes include asado, tamales, stewed steak, menudo, filet américain, bean rice, and more. Customers say they don’t have to wait in long lines when visiting Rincón Azteca, which indicates effective customer service. Moreover, the overall food quality seems to be top-notch. 

Location: 526 SW 6th St, Redmond, OR 97756

6. The Moontower 

If you want an excellent downtown dive bar experience, head towards The Moontower, in the heart of Redmond. Only for patrons over 21, it serves a greasy spoon breakfast, including steak and eggs, eggs benedict, and breakfast burritos. Plus, a Bloody Mary for those hair-of-the-dog mornings!

Courtesy The Moontower

Their daytime menu includes plates like the full moon burger and fries smothered in pulled pork, cheese sauce, and BBQ sauce. And, you won’t find anything fancy at the bar. Just classic draft pours, ciders, and drinks by the bottle.

Location: 329 SW 6th St, Redmond, OR 97756

7. M Caffè 

Rick Molinari, known for his innovative wine-infused coffee, has opened M Caffé in downtown Redmond. The cafe offers a unique experience combining high-quality coffee with the distinct flavors of wine. This process involves soaking hand-picked Arabica green coffee beans in a special red wine, drying them, and then hand-roasting them to create a rich, full-bodied coffee with subtle blueberry notes.

It’s worth noting that the coffee is alcohol-free, making it a unique but non-intoxicating beverage option. At M Caffé, customers can expect a cozy atmosphere and a menu featuring both regular and decaffeinated versions of the wine-infused coffee, alongside other gourmet coffee options. Emphasizing the artisanal aspect of their coffee, M Caffé pays careful attention to roasting processes that enhance the unique flavor profile of the wine-infused beans.

Location: 235 SW 6th St, Redmond, OR 97756

8. Morning Story 

Formerly known as Halo Donuts, Morning Story’s new owners have transformed the corner donut shop into a haven for unique breakfast treats. Although owner Tanankam “Yee” Thanitithanand had no prior experience making donuts, she quickly found her “secret sauce” to making Morning Story a destination.

Courtesy Morning Story

Their donut range has both standard and experimental options. Classic donuts include maple bars, glazed twists, and chocolate-raised, while innovative flavors include green tea matcha and pink lemonade bars. Looking for something beyond the norm? Try their Japanese crepes. Similar to French crepes, Japanese crepes are crispier and often savory.

Location: 457 SW 6th St, Redmond

9. Wine Bars

As the interest in wine grows, so do the wine bars. Redmond welcomed not one but two new wine bars over the past year, each offering a unique experience.

Testimony Wine Bar

Testimony Wine Bar has a stylish yet welcoming atmosphere, perfect for both casual get-togethers and special occasions. Their corner location offers a cozy outdoor patio atmosphere, and a modern interior. Enjoy flights from their hand-picked selection from boutique wineries along with a charcuterie and cheese plate.

Beyond the Vine

Just off Centennial Park, Beyond the Vine brings a curated wine experience to Redmond. Most notably, they specialize in organic and biodynamic wines—and some seriously rich and lustuous homemade desserts.

woman takes a sip of champagne from a glass on a patio outside on a wrap around porch
Testimony Wine Bar tasting flights

Downtown Redmond Restaurants 

Downtown Redmond, Oregon, is experiencing dynamic growth and transformation, becoming a vibrant hub of activity and culture. This evolution is marked by the emergence of new restaurants, cafés, and wine bars—most notably the SCP Hotel and Rooftop—enhancing the local economy and creating a more lively community atmosphere. We anticipate more exciting destinations in Redmond as it continues to establish itself as a destination for people seeking bespoke tastes and experiences.

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