ROAM in Downtown Bend Delivers New Menus, New Vibes

Should you find yourself roaming around Downtown Bend, make plans to visit the newly-renovated eatery, ROAM. While this casually upscale restaurant has been open since last year, it only recently acquired a new head Chef, Bryant Kyrck, who has completely revamped ROAM’s breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch, dinner, and happy hour menus.

It’s also worth noting that ROAM is open for all-day dining seven days a week, including breakfast every day, weekend brunch, and late-night happy hours.

Square plate holds a burger and small bowl of fries
The ROAM burger is available for lunch and dinner every day. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Brunch all weekend

We believe that there are three pillars of a good brunch. These include well-executed breakfast cocktails, a really good benedict, and share-worthy pancakes.

First, let’s discuss their breakfast cocktails.

Recently, ROAM took third place for their ‘Soy What’ Bloody Mary at Crater Lake Spirits’ Best Bloody Mary Ever contest. And, we all know that Bloody Marys are a staple of a great brunch. Of course, your cocktail choice often depends on your main course and the weather. So, we have a few suggestions.

When you can’t choose between coffee and a cocktail, go for the Coffee Nudge. Freshly-brewed coffee is spiked with brandy, Kahlua, and crème de cacao, topped with whipped cream. Or, stick with a classic Mimosa for cheers-ing and sipping.

plate of charcuterie sits in the foreground, with the focus on a glass of bloody mary cocktail garnished with a lime wedge and spear of pickled asparagus
ROAM’s award-winning Bloody Mary. | Copyright Eat Drink Media
two champagne flutes filled with mimosa with a platter of charcuterie and cheese in the background
Name a more iconic brunch cocktail than a Mimosa, we’ll wait. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Now, let’s get to the food.

Most brunch patrons are likely used to starting with a pastry or something sweet when enjoying a leisurely brunch. However, ROAM takes your brunch experience to the next level with their brunchtime charcuterie platter.

As you sip your beverage of choice, graze on Olympia Provisions cured meats, local cheeses, artisan crackers, Marcona almonds, seasonal fruit, quince paste, pickled onions, roasted peppers, and pickled mustard seeds served alongside crackers.

For the main event, our favorite dish yet has to be their smoked salmon eggs benedict. Not only is their hollandaise the perfect ratio of lemon juice to butter, but the benedict comes served on a Big Ed’s sourdough English muffin.

Overhead view of charcuterie platter that features cured meats, slices of cheese, and crackers
ROAM’s charcuterie platter is enjoyable from brunch through dinner. | Copyright Eat Drink Media
Focus on two eggs benedict topped with salmon and hollandaise sauce dripping down the front of the English muffin
Smoked salmon benedict from ROAM is irresistible. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Finally, the sweet finale. While many eateries are known for their long-standing specials and plates, ROAM’s golden goose just might be their lemon poppyseed pancakes. We strongly suggest ordering a plate of these oversized fluffy pancakes to share among the table.

Three large lemon poppyseed pancakes are slathered in a housemade lemon cream cheese frosting and topped with fresh fruit. While they come with a side of maple syrup, we encourage you to ask for an extra side of cream cheese frosting.

Three pancakes are topped with cream cheese frosting, poppy seeds, and sliced strawberries plated on a square plate dusted in powdered sugar
Lemon poppyseed pancakes might be ROAM’s signature brunch dish. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Dinner every night

Yes, you heard that correctly — dinner is served seven nights a week at ROAM. During our recent visit, we sipped on local brews and Oregon wines before ordering appetizers. We love R. Stuart & Co.’s Love, Oregon for a nice Pinot Noir by the glass.

For a splurge on a bottle of Pinot Noir, don’t skip Domaine Serene’s Evenstad Reserve. Or, for a more economical choice, try a bottle of Rex Hil Pinot Noir.

Starters and share plates

What’s excellent about starters is the shared experience. Sure, you could go with a classic like ROAM fries with gorgonzola aioli. Or, you could up-level and opt for the charred shishito peppers.

Blistered and charred, these shishito peppers are served over a red pepper coulis, toasted hazelnuts, crispy pork belly, and topped with spicy Mama Lil’s pickled Fresno peppers and goat cheese.

Bowl of shishito peppers topped with crumbles of goat cheese and sliced red fresno peppers
Charred shishito peppers are full of spice and flavor. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Balance out this dish by pairing it alongside their roasted carrots. Beautifully presented, these maple-roasted heirloom carrots are served over yogurt dill sauce and chive oil, and topped with chimichurri and pepitas. ROAM’s starters are chock full of flavor, but light enough to leave room for the main course.

tri colored carrots sliced in half are placed criss-cross over a platter of yogurt sauce
ROAM’s roasted carrots are just as tasty as they are well-presented. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Main events

Alright, the moment you’ve been waiting for — the main course! ROAM’s main plates have many gluten-free and vegetarian options. Craving a ROAM burger? Have it made with an Impossible patty over a gluten-free bun. Interested in a hearty vegetarian main course? Try the grilled cauliflower steak. Does a creamy, cheesy pasta hit the spot? Try the mushroom Bolognese.

However, these main courses are also available with meat and wheat. Burger aficionados will love the ROAM burger served on a Big Ed’s brioche bun. This eight-ounce patty is topped with tomato relish, Tillamook white cheddar, pickled red onions, arugula, and a Bourbon-bacon jam. Sure, you could choose a side salad, but that wouldn’t be as fun as opting for a side of fries.

Shallow bowl holds pappardelle pasta covered in bologense sauce and sliced oyster mushrooms
Bolognese is available with Wagyu beef or oyster mushrooms. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

For a classically-prepared Bolognese, you must try the Wagyu Bolognese. This housemade sauce is prepared with ground Wagyu beef and served over pappardelle pasta, and topped with parmesan freshly shaved over your bowl until you say “stop.” Should you have room for dessert, allow the ROAM staff to recommend one of the specials. Or, go for the crème brûlée topped with Marionberry compote and dusted in powdered sugar.

Hamburger sits with top bun slightly open face, showing off a patty with melted cheese, brigthly colored arugula, and pickled red onions
Now that’s a burger! | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Happy hour in Downtown Bend

The only thing better than happy hour? Late night happy hour! ROAM offers happy hour specials every day from 2 until 5 p.m., and then again from 9 to 10 p.m. Get discounts on some of their most popular share plates, like charcuterie and ROAM fries. Similarly, get one-dollar off of beer and wine pours, and 20% off of your favorite cocktails.

Copyright Eat Drink Media

Share plates

Why come hungry to happy hour at ROAM in Downtown Bend? Exhibit A: smoked salmon and caviar dip. *Insert heart-eyes emoji.* Housemade smoked salmon dip comes topped with trout roe and chives and served with salty, crispy potato chips for scooping.

Of course, you can balance out this umami plate by pairing it with their heirloom tomatoes. Tri-colored heirloom tomatoes are thickly sliced and topped with a drizzle of olive oil and basil microgreens before being finished with a sprinkle of Oregon Pinot Noir salt.

Bowl of smoked salmon dipped is topped with orange fish roe and paired next to fresh thick cut potato chips
Housemade smoked salmon dip comes with thick potato chips. | Copyright Eat Drink Media
Tri colored tomatoes thickly sliced and topped with basil microgreens
Basil microgreens complement these heirloom tomatoes. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

And, while it should go without saying, we’re saying it anyways — happy hour is never complete without a good plate of crispy Brussels sprouts. ROAM dresses their Brussels in a honey vinaigrette and tops them with crispy shallots, hazelnuts, pepitas, and crispy prosciutto.

Happy hour cocktails

Ah, the main event of any happy hour — the cocktails! Sure, you could go with a glass of Oregon wine or Bend craft beer. Or, you could try one of ROAM’s many signature cocktails.

For those of you who appreciate a foamy egg white cocktail, do not miss out on the Spirit Animal. This frothy cocktail comes with Plantation 3 Stars Rum, passion fruit and vanilla liqueurs, acid-adjusted orange, and orange flower water all shaken with pasteurized egg white and served ‘up’. Finally, this beauty is dusted in cinnamon and garnished with a dried orange slice.

Martini glass contains an orange cocktail with a foamy white top and garnished with a dried orange slice
Frothy Spirit Animal cocktail for Happy Hour. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Indulge in a darker and more floral cocktail with ROAM’s Blood Moon. Made with fruity crème de cassis and Lillet Blanc, floral earl grey tea, and infused with vodka, lemon, and blackberry, the Blood Moon is a fantastic choice for an elevated happy hour experience. Of course, you can always opt for one of each.

Overlooking top of a glass with red-violet colored cocktail and dehydrated lemon slice and fresh blackberry
Equally floral and fruity – the Blood Moon cocktail. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Visit ROAM in Downtown Bend, Oregon

While happy hour and lunch are likely more flexible, it’s recommended to make reservations for weekend brunch or dinner. Of course, you can always visit ROAM for breakfast from 7 a.m. until 11 a.m. Monday through Friday or lunch from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Here, you can preview the full menu or make reservations at ROAM. Open every day from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m.


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