Bend’s Newest Food Craze: Smash Burgers

smash burger in a tray sits on top of a tray of french fries
The Americana’s special, The Sloppy Goat. | Eat Drink Media

It seems like everywhere you turn, people are talking about smash burgers. It wasn’t long ago that someone might look at you sideways at the mention of this flattened burger. Now, they’re a regular craving awaiting satisfaction. Whether you like your smashy with grilled onions or prefer a loaded triple patty, you’re sure to find smash burgers in Bend, Oregon, that fit your taste.

What is a Smash Burger?

Simply put, a smash burger is a beef patty firmly smashed into a hot grill. According to Chef Kenji Lopez-Alt, smashing a beef patty into a piping hot grill increases the “Maillard reaction,” creating the rich brown crust that makes burgers taste so satisfying. The burgers are smashed, seasoned, flipped, and topped with a slice of cheese. Then, patties are stacked and served over a buttered bun, dolloped in special sauce.

griddle with four burger buns topped with thinly pressed burgers and sliced cheese
A classic smash starts with a hot grill and shaved onions.

Still, there are a few styles of smash burgers. It’s likely that the smash burger was first invented in the Midwest. Known as the “Oklahoma onion burger” these burgers are prepared with a generous amount of thinly-sliced onions, then cooked on a mega-hot griddle and thinly smashed with a grill press or metal spatula. Oklahoma style is the most common style found at food carts.

Moreover, this thin and crispy burger has a few other variations. Southern California style typically includes crunchy iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato, pickles, and special sauce. Meanwhile, Texas style adds fried or grilled jalapeños to each smash patty. Now, let’s explore some incredible smash burgers in Bend, Oregon!

Willie Burger

What started out as an events-only pop-up has quickly become one of the most popular smash burgers in Bend, Oregon. Chris and Kahla started their burger cart in the summer of 2022, serving up single, double, and triple patties at Munch & Music and the Saturday Farmers Market in Northwest Crossing. It only took a few pop-ups at Boss Rambler Beer Club, and they sold out before every event’s end. Visit WillieBurger

hands hold a smash burger with charred onions and cheese
The only thing better than a Willie Burger? A spicy one. | Eat Drink Media

The idea behind their smash burger is straightforward yet brilliant. First, seasoned beef is grilled and topped with thinly-sliced onions, then firmly pressed into the grill. Then, they add a slice of American cheese and special sauce before serving the burger on a grilled, buttered bun. Now, we think it’s best to “make it spicy” with grilled jalapeños, but you can decide for yourself.

Since then, Willie Burger has gotten an upgrade—a new truck and a permanent location. You can find them at Deschutes Brewing Tasting Room every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from noon until sold out. And, they’re still serving your favorite events, including the Bend Moonlight Market, and Munch & Music during the summer.


Sure, you can get a standard smash burger from Americana with all of your favorite fixings. Or, you can opt for one of their specials, like The Sloppy Goat. First, they make their classic two-patty smash and top it with white cheddar cheese. Then, they add whipped goat cheese, bacon-onion-date jam, grilled onions, thick bacon, and a balsamic drizzle.

Burger is cut in half, showing the inside filled with tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese.
The OG Americana burger. | Eat Drink Media

And, hey, if you’re not into the fancier specialty smash burgers, you can’t go wrong with their OG Americana burger. This burger comes with two smash patties, American cheese, caramelized onions, secret sauce, lettuce, and tomato, served on a brioche bun. Visit The Americana at The Podski and enjoy your smash burger of choice with a pint of Rainier or Clear Mind kombucha. Visit Americana.


When the burger cravings start to hit before lunch, there’s a solution: CHOW. While Chow Burger is no longer operating, you can still get a smashy from its namesake brunch hub. CHOW’s smash burger is made with Cascade Farms beef and topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and house-made aioli, all on a brioche bun.

Should you dare, you can add carnitas (or bacon) to your smash burger. And, because it’s brunch, you can still pair it with one of CHOW’s famous sides, including roasted sweet potatoes and bacon-cheddar grits. Why not make it a whole brunch experience and add a Bloody Mary for the perfect Sunday (or Tuesday)? CHOW is open every day from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Blue Eyes Burgers and Fries

This midtown burger joint combines Oklahoma and Southern California styles on their smash burgers. They start with local beef sourced from Central Oregon’s Pitchfork T (sister ranch to Rainshadow Organics). Then, they finish it off with American cheese, “supreme sauce,” crunchy iceberg lettuce, and pickles, all laid out on a Jackson’s Corner griddled sweet bun.

Hand holds a burger over a tray captioned "Blue Eyes"
A double Blue Eyes classic. | Eat Drink Media

Blue Eyes Burgers and Fries keeps it simple with side offerings of fries and onion rings, Root Beer floats, and soft-serve ice cream. It’s also worth mentioning that they offer a vegetarian option made with Oregon chickpeas and mushrooms. You can find craft cocktails and mocktails on their drinks menu to pair with your single, double, or triple smashy. Visit Blue Eyes Burgers & Fries.

MidCity SmashedBurger

Economically priced, packed with flavor. That’s what you’ll find at Midcity Smashburger in Bend. Originating in Portland, the smashed burger cart opened its third location at Boneyard Beer’s Lake Place brewery. Here, you can get their signature “Smashy Boi” for just $6. This simple smash burger comes with one smashed patty, Smash sauce, and cheese over a Franz Bakery bun. Or, upgrade to the Deluxe Boi with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and bacon. Yes, they have fries, and they’re just four bucks. Visit MidCity SmashedBurger.

Alley Dogz

Don’t let the name fool you—Alley Dogz now serves smash burgers alongside their extensive hot dog and corn dog offerings. This smashy comes with a heaping of grilled onions, pickles, and gooey American cheese.

Of course, you can pair this smash burger with almost any beer, cider, or wine you can dream of. Why? Because Alley Dogz is located at the Midtown Yacht Club food cart lot, where they have dozens of taps, beer and ciders by the can, wines by the bottle, and CBD sparkling beverages galore. Open Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Burger with a bite in it exposing the thick grilled onions and American cheese.
There’s only one smash at Alley Dogz, and it’s done right. | Eat Drink Media

Walt Reilly’s

Whether visiting the eatery and indoor entertainment facility or discovering their pop-up cart at events, Walt Reilly’s smash burger satisfies even the fiercest of cravings. Served simply, this burger is topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onion, and finished with “Walt’s sauce.” Available in a single or double patty, every Walt Reilly’s burger comes with a side of fries.

After enjoying your burger, stay for the extensive drink selection, mini golf, virtual golf, and streaming sports. We love Walt Reilly’s for family-friendly dining and fun. Visit Walt Reilly’s.

Smash Burgers in Bend, Oregon

Listen, folks. We can’t possibly list every amazing smash burger in Central Oregon. While many of your favorite restaurants and food carts offer deliciously smashed burgers as specials, these are some tried and true spots serving (almost) exclusively smash burgers in Bend. We think this list of seven smash burgers in Bend, Oregon, will satiate nearly every appetite and craving for every variety and style of smashies. Be sure to check restaurant listings and Instagram pages for updated hours of operation, as they may vary.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an Irish Coffee

clear glass mug with Irish coffee and whipped cream

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, many people are gearing up to celebrate all things Irish. And what better way to mark the occasion than with an Irish coffee? This classic cocktail, made with hot coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and lightly whipped cream, is the perfect way to toast the holiday. But where can you find the best Irish coffee in Bend, Oregon? Indulge in this delicious drink and celebrate the luck of the Irish at one (or more!) of these Bend bars and restaurants.

McKay Cottage

While McKay Cottage is known for its dynamic brunch offerings, we love them even more for their coffee cocktails. Specifically, Nana’s Irish Coffee. McKay Cottage uses local Thump coffee to make this breakfast cocktail, infusing it with Irish whiskey, Irish cream Liqueur, and Grand Ma’s sauce. What’s better, you can order a steaming hot boozy coffee while you wait for your table.


Now that J-Dub serves breakfast every day, there are more opportunities to enjoy Irish Coffee from morning until night. J-Dub starts with local C4K Coffee, Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey, and Irish cream, and finishes with a dollop of whipped cream. Fuel up with their chicken fried chicken in the dining area, or cozy up with a hot Irish Coffee on their outdoor patio.

Visit J-Dub

River Pig Saloon

If you’re in the mood for a little debauchery, this is your spot. Afterall, its namesake pays homage to the “River Pigs” of Oregon who, after a long day’s work, would celebrate with a tall glass of whiskey. Fast-forward to present day, and you’ll find plenty of whiskey sipping and shooting at River Pig Saloon. Head to their Box Factory pub for one of the best Irish Coffees in Bend.

Visit River Pig Saloon

Irish coffee in a clear glass mug sits on the bar at River Pig Saloon.
Lightly whipped cream makes this a classic Irish Coffee. | Eat Drink Media

Café Sintra

Not only does Café Sintra make our list for some of the best brunch in Bend, they offer a variety of Irish Coffees and hot chocolates at their Downtown eatery. Go for their Jameson-infused coffee. Or, opt for an Irish cream coffee, Kahlua Irish coffee, or Irish hot chocolate. And, because they’re open daily, you can start your any-day-of-the-week funday with a fried egg sandwich and brunch cocktail.

Visit Café Sintra

Victorian Café

Everyone in Bend knows that The Vic makes some of the best Bloody Marys in town. But did you know you can get a 16-ounce Irish Coffee alongside your brunch? The Vic’s Irish Coffee is served with Jameson, Bailey’s, and whipped cream. Still, they offer some delicious Irish-themed cocktails. For example, the Nutty Irishman, which comes with Hazelnut liquor, Bailey’s, coffee, whipped cream, and a sprinkle of nutmeg. Feeling Irish, yet?

Visit Victorian Café

Pine Tavern

If you find yourself out on St. Patrick’s Day and the snow begins to fall, head straight to Pine Tavern. When it’s snowing, their classic Irish Coffees are just $3. What a treat! However, Pine Tavern still serves the boozy coffee every day of the week. Regardless of the weather, you won’t want to skip Pine Tavern for some of the best Irish Coffee in Bend. It’s tradition!

Visit Pine Tavern

Two people are about to cheers their coffee over a menu that reads "Pine Tavern"
Pine Tavern is known for its century-old Ponderosa pine growing through the middle of the restaurant. | Eat Drink Media

Monkless Belgian Ales

If hot cocoa is your preference, head to Monkless Belgian Ales. Here, you can enjoy The Chocolate Monk. This hot chocolate spin on Irish Coffee comes with Jameson and cinnamon simple syrup, then topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. What a perfect way to enjoy a nightcap without the caffeine buzz!

Visit Monkless Belgian Ales

Best Irish Coffee in Bend, Oregon

We’re always on the hunt for the best Irish Coffee in Bend. Why? So you can spend less time researching, and more time enjoying! Whether you’re a Central Oregon local, or just passing through, we invite you to visit one or more of these spots to satisfy your craving for an Irish Coffee. So, don’t wait! Raise a glass to the Emerald Isle and indulge in one of its most iconic beverages.

Craving a Slice? Must-Visit Pizza Spots in Central Oregon

pizza topped with arugula and sliced cherry tomatoes
Grace and Hammer | Eat Drink Media

Deep dish, Neopolitan, Detroit-style, gluten-free—where to start? Whether you’re in the mood for a classic margherita or a more unconventional flavor combination, there’s no denying the comfort and satisfaction that a great slice of pizza can bring. However, with so many pizzerias and restaurants offering their own unique take on this delicious dish, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. We’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of 11 places for some of the best pizza in Bend and Central Oregon. These spots are a must-try for any pizza lover! Get ready to indulge in some of the best pizza in Bend, Oregon and beyond.

Abe Capanna’s – Crosscut Warming Hut No. 5

For delicious and authentic Detroit pan pizzas, visit one of Abe Capanna’s two Central Oregon locations. Known for its thick and rectangular shape, Abe Cabanna’s chewy crust is light and airy on the inside. Detroit pan pizza is baked in a rectangular steel pan, creating a caramelized crust on the bottom. Then, its toppings are layered in reverse order, with the cheese on the bottom and the sauce on top.

Detroit style pizza from a square pan sits in a pizza box lined with newspaper
Detroit pan pizza a la Abe Capanna’s. | Eat Drink Media

Abe Capanna’s family-run business team takes pride in its craft and offers excellent customer service. Stop by Crosscut – Warming Hut No. 5 in Bend or the Backline Lounge in Redmond’s High Desert Music Hall to try Abe Capanna’s Detroit pan pizza. At Crosscut, you can pair it with one of the 36 rotating taps and get $1 off drafts every Tuesday. In Redmond, Abe Capanna’s pizza is served seven days a week.

Deschutes Junction

This family-owned pizza parlor and tap house is conveniently located across the street from Riverhouse Hotel in Bend. Here, they offer original crust and pan pizzas with various toppings and combinations. Plus, they offer delicious gluten-free options (available only in 10” pan sizes). Go for the 3rd Street Combo for a classic combination, or enjoy a classic Margherita in their family-friendly dining room.

Regardless of the pie you choose, a meal at Deschutes Junction isn’t complete without an order of their classic and boneless chicken wings. Deschutes Junction is also available for takeout and delivery.

Grace and Hammer

Grace and Hammer in Redmond is a must-visit spot for anyone looking for delicious and creative pizzas. This restaurant offers a unique twist on traditional pizza toppings. Their popular ‘Propriety” pizza features Grace and Hammer’s Béchamel sauce, fresh mozzarella, goat feta, and mushrooms, and is finished with baby arugula, sea salt and pepper, and extra virgin olive oil.

Pizza with mushrooms and arugula sits in a pan with a pizza slicer wedged beneath a slice
Grace & Hammer’s popular Propreity pizza. | Eat Drink Media

Here, pizzas are wood-fired to perfection. In addition to their pizza offerings, Grace and Hammer has an exceptional selection of craft beer, cider, and craft cocktails. Moreover, this pizzeria is housed in an iconic and historical old church building near Downtown Redmond. Whether you’re a local or just passing through Redmond, Grace and Hammer is worth visiting for its unique pizzas and location.


It’s all about the wood-fired flavors at this Tumalo pizza place. Using the freshest local ingredients, Pisano’s artisan pizza is crafted by hand—the Italian way. It’s baked in a wood-fired Italian Pompeii oven, fueled by a combination of oak, apple, cherry, and peach woods.

Pizza with thick bubbly crust and mozzarella and pepperoni sits on a plate lined with red and white checkered paper
Pisano’s Diavola pizza is a customer (and food writer!) favorite. | Eat Drink Media

Pisano’s offers a variety of pizza rosso and pizza bianca. Moreso, they even offer vegan options. Try the Moscow Mule vegan pie with double tomato sauce, kalamata olives, peppadews, bell peppers, arugula, and balsamic reduction. Find them just off Hwy 20 in Tumalo in the Tumalo Junction. It’s a great place to enjoy a local beer or cider with your pizza and salad.

Stone Pine Pizza – Wild Ride Brewing Prineville

Located at Wild Ride Brewing in Prineville, Stone Pine Pizza offers a variety of New York-style thin-crust pizza. Their menu includes classic options, specialty combinations, and build-your-own. Regardless of your pizza preference, there is something for everyone to enjoy. First, the dough is proofed for 48 hours, creating a memorable flavor.

Combination pizza with one slice missing from the pizza pan at one of the best pizza in Bend locations
Hearty combination pizza from Stone Pine Pizza pairs exceptionally with the beers from Wild Ride Brewing. | Eat Drink Media

From vegetarian to gluten-free options, Stone Pine Pizza offers a diverse menu that’s sure to please any palate. More adventurous eaters will love the Chicken Bacon Ranch, an alfredo-baed pizza with grilled chicken breast, bacon, and mozzarella cheese blend, topped with red onions and feta cheese. Finally, it’s drizzled with their house ranch.

Rush’s Squares – On Tap

For Sicilian square pizza, Rush’s Squares is the place to go. This popular Bend food cart is acclaimed for its thick and crunchy crust, creative toppings, and gooey cheese. Located at On Tap, Rush’s Squares is ideal for a casual night out with friends or family. Their menu features a variety of “recommendations,” but don’t expect to make any modifications; if you want a custom pizza, try their “build your own” option.

Square Sicilian style pizza is topped with pepperoni and placed in a basket lined with black and white checkered paper
You can’t go wrong with Rush’s Squares classic pepperoni. | Eat Drink Media

If you’re in Tumalo, try their sister cart, Pine Marten Pizza, for wood-fired Neopolitan pizzas. Or, check out Swig & Stone, their pizza catering and mobile beer truck. You can also find Swig & Stone at various Central Oregon locations for occasional pizza pop-ups.

Hand picks up a sliced of Margherita pizza from a box
Neopolitan-style pizza from Pine Marten Pizza at The Bite in Tumalo. | Eat Drink Media

Jackson’s Corner

For some of the best pizza in Bend, Oregon, don’t skip a visit to Jackson’s Corner. Their Old Bend location features a wood-fired pizza oven for their thin-crusted pizzas made with naturally-leavened dough. Additionally, Jackson’s Corner features hyper-local ingredients, earning itself a spot on the High Desert Food Trail.

Pizza is covered with jalapenos and honey
Don’t skip out on the Honey Pie pizza at Jackson’s Corner. | Eat Drink Media

Now, these are no ordinary pies. Of course, you can get yourself a classic cheese or pepperoni. However, we recommend opting for something a bit more adventurous. For example, their Honey Pie topped with Well Rooted Farms pork fennel sausage, mascarpone, marinara, local honey, and jalapeños.

Old Towne Pizza

An “old town classic,” Old Towne Pizza delivers a hearty, nostalgic pizza by the slice or pie. Their hand-thrown crust is made fresh daily, ready to be topped with some classic combination toppings. From the Stromboli to the Chicken Alfredo, Old Towne Pizza isn’t messing around when it comes to taste and satisfaction.

Classic combination pizza on a plate on a red and white checkered table cloth
Combo #1 is one of the most popular picks at Old Towne Pizza in Bend. | Eat Drink Media

Old Towne Pizza offers gluten-free crusts, calzones, hot subs, and a traditional salad bar in addition to serving some of the best pizza in Bend. Find them on Greenwood on the outskirts of Downtown Bend.

Pizza Mondo

A true staple of the Central Oregon community, Pizza Mondo has been delivering consistently good pizza for over 25 years. In fact, they’ve been awared the best pizza in Bend, Oregon by The Source for 25 years in a row. The Downtown pizzeria has a simple theory; “by zealously adhering to this basic formula, Pizza Mondo has not only survived, it has thrived.”

Open everyday, get your slice or pie in-house, for takeout, or via delivery. Enjoy their popular daily lunch special—a slice, salad, and soda—for just $8. Refuel during happy hour or apres ski with their After the Mountain special—two slices and bottomless soda—for $8. And, you can upgrade to a pint of beer for an additional $2.

Pacific Pizza and Brew

Another popular hub for the best pizza in Bend, Oregon, Pacific Pizza and Brew has been slanging pies since the summer of 2013. Its lively vibe and family-friendly atmosphere makes Pacific Pizza and Brew a great option for a weekend lunch or casual weeknight dinner. Plus, they make some of the best homemade Ranch, West of the Mississippi! Their Margherita is loaded with fresh mozzarella, roma tomatoes, roasted garlic, and finished with arugula. Pair any of their pies with one of their amazing craft cocktails, like the melon mojito, white sangria, or Pacific margarita.

Classic margherita pizza is covered in fresh arugula
Not your average Margherita pizza! | Pacific Pizza & Brew

P!ZZA – Midtown Yacht Club

Get ready for some seriously amazing brick oven pizza. P!ZZA, also known as Chasin Pizza (sister cart to TOTS!), is a staple at Bend’s Midtown Yacht Club. And, if you love a good beet salad with your brick oven pizza (like we do), start with their Beets by a Salad—fire roasted beets, greens, charred sweet onions, goat cheese, hazelnuts, orange and fresh herb vinaigrette, and a finish of flakey salt. Then, grub on one of their custom pies, like The Reign Man—Carolina Gold BBQ sauce, slow braised pork shoulder, red onion, pickled jalapeño, shedded mozzarella, and drizzle of hot honey. Keep an eye out for their brunch specials, when you can “put an egg on it.”

Brick oven pizza with three eggs and chopped parsley
We love a good “put an egg on it” pizza. | @chasinpizza

The Best Pizza in Bend, Oregon

We can’t possibly list every amazing pizzeria in Bend and Central Oregon. However, this list is a great place to start! From deep dish to brick oven, you’re sure to find some of the best pizza in Bend at one or more of these spots. Be sure to check each Instagram page for updates on hours, closures, menu changes, and events.

Big Changes for Barrio in Downtown Bend, Food Trucks

outside view of restaurant Barrio in downtown bend
Barrio in Downtown Bend announces major transformation.

This spring, beloved Central Oregon restaurant Barrio will close temporarily to undergo a major transformation. Located in Downtown Bend, Barrio will convert into two distinct concepts and spaces. What we all know as Barrio will become “Bar Rio,” while the adjacent space will become “Bodega.”

Both Bar Rio and Bodega will bring ethnic flavors to the culinary scene—with a unique twist. Bar Rio will feature distinctive cocktails and tapas while neighboring Bodega will offer a dynamic grab-and-go market that caters to the downtown area’s workers, locals, and tourists. Local owners Steven Draheim and his wife, Amy, share their plans—and inspiration— for Bar Rio and Bodega.

overhead view of grilled bread and shrimp in ajillo sauce
Gambas al Ajillo will be a staple at the renovated Bar Rio.

From Barrio to Bar Rio

Creating Bar Rio will be the first phase of the two-phase project. Bar Rio will reside in what is now the bar area and high tops at the Downtown Bend Barrio. Chef and owner Steven Draheim and his Bar Rio team have crafted a unique and exciting supper club experience reminiscent of the cultures of Barcelona, Israel, and Mexico.

Conveniently, the new name—quite literally Barrio split in two—loosely translates to “the river bar.” The name is almost serendipitous with its proximity to Mirror Pond, a basin of the Deschutes River. Along with these changes, Bar Rio will exclusively serve the 21-and-over crowd.

renderings for bar rio new bar in downtown bend oregon
Renderings for the new bar at Bar Rio. Design by LRS Architects.

Ultimately, Bar Rio will provide an enhanced cocktail and tapas experience. However, some of Barrio’s original elements will remain, like the beloved Pineapple Mezcal and Gambas al Ajillo.

Plus, the renovated Bar Rio will feature a gorgeous aesthetic designed by Oregon-based LRS Architects. “In our travels to Spain, Mexico, and Israel, we’ve been inspired by markets, kitchens, and cultures from Lanzarote to La Paz,” says Steven Draheim, the Bend-native and Western Culinary alum behind Barrio and Shimshon. He continues, “[this] fueled our initial passion for bringing these ‘barrios’ from around the world to Bend, my hometown.”

renderings for the new seating area designed by LRS architects bend oregon
The new seating area renderings for Bar Rio. Design by LRS Architects.

Bodega Downtown Market

The imaginative and approachable market will occupy the space adjacent to the now-Barrio’s bar area—think what is now their booth seating area. Spanish for “small grocery store,” Bodega will offer prepared grab-and-go foods, hand-selected wines, spice blends made in-house, and culinary treasures from across the globe.

“‘Can you bottle that?’ is something we’ve heard often over the years, whether it’s the sherry vinaigrette Steven uses to toss the Barrio green beans, or the perfectly smooth hummus at Shimshon,” says Amy Draheim, co-owner of Bar Rio and Bodega. “Bodega will be just that. It will be your place to source prepared food you love from Barrio and Shimshon, as well as a place to grab the basics to create your own Barrio or Shimshon-inspired meals at home.”

renderings for the new Bodega at Bar Rio in Bend Oregon
Bodega renderings showcase a grab-and-go case along with house-made spices. Design by LRS Architects.

Bodega will provide a sophisticated yet down-to-earth experience in Downtown Bend. Further, Bodega strives to create a nostalgic experience for customers from their own travels. For those craving restaurant-quality food in an instant, Bodega will satisfy.

Steven and Amy Draheim recognize that the way people dine has changed; their concept provides a space for and inspires Barrio chefs to share their creations with Central Oregon and beyond. And, with its curated market, they encourage customers to be experimental and “taste the world.”

Barrio Food Trucks

While Barrio’s Downtown Bend restaurant will temporarily close for renovations, the Barrio food trucks will remain open. At On Tap, Barrio’s truck will begin offering a range of quick-serve and tapas items inspired by bodegas. Customers can expect to feast on plates like “Loncheras,” Mediterranean-inspired boxed lunches. Rest assured, the Power Taco and Jibarito will continue to be available.

Customer favorite, the Jibarito, will continue to be served at Barrio food truck.

Meanwhile, Midtown Yacht Club’s Barrio and Shimshon food trucks will remain open and serve their original respective menus. Here, customers can continue to enjoy their long-time favorites, like the Cubano and tacos platter. At The Grove, Shimshon’s new counter-service eatery will continue to serve your favorite Shimshon plates—like the stuffed pita and Mezze sampler.

What’s Next for Barrio in Bend

For years, Barrio has been a favorite restaurant in Bend, Oregon, for locals and visitors alike. Drawing from Latin, Mediterranean, and Spanish flavors, the Draheims have created a unique and memorable dining experience for guests. “We will continue to deliver those rich flavors with Bar Rio, but with a refreshed concept featuring tapas and craft cocktails to meet the evolving, post-pandemic guest experience,” Steven Draheim shares.

Barrio will remain owned by Steven and Amy Draheim. While the renovations are expected to begin in mid-March, a soft opening is planned for late May. Follow along on Instagram @barriobend or visit Barrio’s website for updates.

The Suttle Lodge Winter Beer Fest Returns in 2023

The Suttle Lodge & Boathouse Winter Beer Fest is back for its fourth year, on February 24-26.  This year, over three dozen craft breweries will join the celebration, including several Central Oregon brewers. The Suttle Lodge Beer Winter Beer Festival will transform its outdoors into a Bavarian-themed oasis featuring tap pours, yummy food, live music, and fun things to do. Get informed on why the Suttle Lodge Beer Fest is the must-visit event this February.

Two women stand on the steps of the rustic cabins at suttle lodge winter beer fest
Photo: Chew & Taste Photography

About The Suttle Lodge Winter Beer Festival

The festival is taking place from Friday, February 24th through Sunday, February 26th at The Suttle Lodge and Boathouse near Sisters, OR. Running from 12 PM to 5 PM each day, there will be great food, drinks, and beer fest activities to enjoy.

The event takes place at a beautiful lodge village on the shores of Suttle Lake in the Deschutes National Forest. Here, you’ll find roaring fires, secret lodges, and a VIP bar with specialty cocktails and goodies. Meanwhile, the house band will be rocking the venue to create an unforgettable atmosphere. And, with the cancellation of the 2023 Bend Brew Fest, the Suttle Lodge beer fest is sure to draw an extensive crowd.

Participating Breweries

With more breweries still to be announced, the Suttle Lodge Winter Beer Festival will feature the following confirmed breweries:

hand holds a bottle of English style dark ale at suttle lodge winter beer fest

Fun for Everyone

The festival isn’t just for drinkers—there’s plenty of fun for the whole family. Suttle Lodge will offer hot cocoa, hot cider, and plenty of yummy bites to eat. Additionally, Suttle Lodge is also happy to welcome your well-behaved four-legged friends. With roaring fires and live music, there’s plenty to enjoy at this weekend-long event.

Photo: Chew & Taste Photography


Not drinking? Designated driver? Get a special wristband that allows you plenty of tasty, warm, non-alcoholic drinks to sip on while you enjoy the event. Kids can enjoy hot cocoa and warm cider.


If you’d like to attend Suttle Lodge Winter Beer Fest but want to help out, consider volunteering! Suttle Lodge Beer Fest contributes a portion of its proceeds to a non-profit, so it relies on volunteers to help make this event happen.

VIP Lodge

Exclusive perks await VIP ticket holders! Tucked away in the den of Suttle’s main lodge, VIP access offers special wintry cocktails as a respite from the outdoors. Plus, one “secret” Rustic Cabin will be decked out just for VIP access and stocked with limited edition brews.

Supporting the Community

The beer festival isn’t just about having a good time; it’s about helping the community. The Suttle Lodge and Boathouse is contributing a portion of the profits to CASA of Central Oregon, a children’s charity that does amazing work in the area.

Hand in a green mitten holds a Miir mug with suttle lodge logo at the suttle lodge beer fest
Photo: Chew & Taste Photography

Get Your Tickets to Suttle Lodge Winter Beer Festival

The Suttle Lodge Beer Festival is sure to go down as one of the best seasonal beer fests in Oregon. If you want to get in on the fun, you can enjoy day tickets or weekend passes as you prefer. Whatever you choose, it’s a great way to make new friends and immerse yourself in the local community.

Tickets start from $50 per person, which includes beer tasting and a commemorative Miir Cup. Best of all, there’s free entry for kids and designated drivers.

Bend Brewfest 2023 Postponed, Hopes to Return in 2024

Nancy Patterson, owner and creative director of Eat Drink Bend, sitting at a restaurant table with food.
By Nancy Patterson

This week, the Old Mill District announced that it would postpone the 2023 Bend Brewfest. The second-largest craft beer festival in the Pacific Northwest has been put on pause until it can return to the Hayden Homes Amphitheater. 

Bend Brewfest, held annually at the amphitheater before the COVID-19 pandemic, returned last spring on the east side of the Deschutes River in the Old Mill District as portions of the music venue were under construction. Still, the festival was successful in its new location and raised more than $15,000 for organizations such as Latino Community Association, Northwest Youth Discovery, Bend Fire Community Assistance Program, and Out Central Oregon.

Bend Brewfest event-goers celebrate the return of the beer festival in 2022 after a three-year hiatus. Photo courtesy Old Mill District.

Bend Brewfest 2023 Postponed

Its organizers have opted to pause the event until it can return to Hayden Homes Amphitheater, which is set for a third phase of upgrades this winter and spring. 

“We loved the turnout last year and are so thankful we could all get back together again,” said Bend Brewfest marketing director Beau Eastes. “But to be able to put on the kind of brew festival guests want, we need to wait until it can return to the amphitheater.” 

Resuming after a three-year hiatus, the 2022 Bend Brewfest was held May 13-14 on the east side of the Deschutes River in the Old Mill District. More than 65 breweries and cideries poured approximately 100 different craft beers and ciders at the 2022 festival, which drew more than 10,000 beer lovers from across the Pacific Northwest. The 2022 Bend Brewfest was the first year the festival was staged in May after nearly two decades of being held in late August at the amphitheater.

Bend Brewfest 2022 was hosted along the Old Mill District riverwalk for the first time since its inception in 2002. Photo courtesy Old Mill District.

Bend’s Spider City Brewing and its Deer Garden Hazy IPA won Best Local Beer at the 2022 Bend Brewfest. Great Notion Brewing, based out of Portland, took home top honors for a brewery outside of Central Oregon with its Bicycle Day fruited sour. And Eugene’s Cyderish and its B.O.M.B. Cider – Boring Old Mango Brew – won the top prize for best cider. 

Since its inception in 2002, the Bend Brewfest has given more than $100,000 to local non-profit organizations. While disappointing, we’re looking forward to the revival of Bend Brewfest when it can be hosted at Hayden Homes Amphitheater. The 2022 Bend Brewfest, while exciting, seemed to lack its usual vibe and flow. Last year’s attendees likely recall the event feeling overcrowded as Pole Pedal Paddle participants shared the riverwalk with Bend Brewfest.

About Bend Brewfest

Founded in 2002, the Bend Brewfest annually showcases the most creative and innovative craft breweries in the Pacific Northwest in a gorgeous setting along the banks of the Deschutes River in the Old Mill District. The Bend Brewfest has become known as an event where brewers can highlight their specialty, hard-to-find brews on the festival’s X-Taps. Find more information at

ROAM in Downtown Bend Delivers New Menus, New Vibes

Should you find yourself roaming around Downtown Bend, make plans to visit the newly-renovated eatery, ROAM. While this casually upscale restaurant has been open since last year, it only recently acquired a new head Chef, Bryant Kyrck, who has completely revamped ROAM’s breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch, dinner, and happy hour menus.

It’s also worth noting that ROAM is open for all-day dining seven days a week, including breakfast every day, weekend brunch, and late-night happy hours.

Square plate holds a burger and small bowl of fries
The ROAM burger is available for lunch and dinner every day. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Brunch all weekend

We believe that there are three pillars of a good brunch. These include well-executed breakfast cocktails, a really good benedict, and share-worthy pancakes.

First, let’s discuss their breakfast cocktails.

Recently, ROAM took third place for their ‘Soy What’ Bloody Mary at Crater Lake Spirits’ Best Bloody Mary Ever contest. And, we all know that Bloody Marys are a staple of a great brunch. Of course, your cocktail choice often depends on your main course and the weather. So, we have a few suggestions.

When you can’t choose between coffee and a cocktail, go for the Coffee Nudge. Freshly-brewed coffee is spiked with brandy, Kahlua, and crème de cacao, topped with whipped cream. Or, stick with a classic Mimosa for cheers-ing and sipping.

plate of charcuterie sits in the foreground, with the focus on a glass of bloody mary cocktail garnished with a lime wedge and spear of pickled asparagus
ROAM’s award-winning Bloody Mary. | Copyright Eat Drink Media
two champagne flutes filled with mimosa with a platter of charcuterie and cheese in the background
Name a more iconic brunch cocktail than a Mimosa, we’ll wait. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Now, let’s get to the food.

Most brunch patrons are likely used to starting with a pastry or something sweet when enjoying a leisurely brunch. However, ROAM takes your brunch experience to the next level with their brunchtime charcuterie platter.

As you sip your beverage of choice, graze on Olympia Provisions cured meats, local cheeses, artisan crackers, Marcona almonds, seasonal fruit, quince paste, pickled onions, roasted peppers, and pickled mustard seeds served alongside crackers.

For the main event, our favorite dish yet has to be their smoked salmon eggs benedict. Not only is their hollandaise the perfect ratio of lemon juice to butter, but the benedict comes served on a Big Ed’s sourdough English muffin.

Overhead view of charcuterie platter that features cured meats, slices of cheese, and crackers
ROAM’s charcuterie platter is enjoyable from brunch through dinner. | Copyright Eat Drink Media
Focus on two eggs benedict topped with salmon and hollandaise sauce dripping down the front of the English muffin
Smoked salmon benedict from ROAM is irresistible. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Finally, the sweet finale. While many eateries are known for their long-standing specials and plates, ROAM’s golden goose just might be their lemon poppyseed pancakes. We strongly suggest ordering a plate of these oversized fluffy pancakes to share among the table.

Three large lemon poppyseed pancakes are slathered in a housemade lemon cream cheese frosting and topped with fresh fruit. While they come with a side of maple syrup, we encourage you to ask for an extra side of cream cheese frosting.

Three pancakes are topped with cream cheese frosting, poppy seeds, and sliced strawberries plated on a square plate dusted in powdered sugar
Lemon poppyseed pancakes might be ROAM’s signature brunch dish. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Dinner every night

Yes, you heard that correctly — dinner is served seven nights a week at ROAM. During our recent visit, we sipped on local brews and Oregon wines before ordering appetizers. We love R. Stuart & Co.’s Love, Oregon for a nice Pinot Noir by the glass.

For a splurge on a bottle of Pinot Noir, don’t skip Domaine Serene’s Evenstad Reserve. Or, for a more economical choice, try a bottle of Rex Hil Pinot Noir.

Starters and share plates

What’s excellent about starters is the shared experience. Sure, you could go with a classic like ROAM fries with gorgonzola aioli. Or, you could up-level and opt for the charred shishito peppers.

Blistered and charred, these shishito peppers are served over a red pepper coulis, toasted hazelnuts, crispy pork belly, and topped with spicy Mama Lil’s pickled Fresno peppers and goat cheese.

Bowl of shishito peppers topped with crumbles of goat cheese and sliced red fresno peppers
Charred shishito peppers are full of spice and flavor. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Balance out this dish by pairing it alongside their roasted carrots. Beautifully presented, these maple-roasted heirloom carrots are served over yogurt dill sauce and chive oil, and topped with chimichurri and pepitas. ROAM’s starters are chock full of flavor, but light enough to leave room for the main course.

tri colored carrots sliced in half are placed criss-cross over a platter of yogurt sauce
ROAM’s roasted carrots are just as tasty as they are well-presented. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Main events

Alright, the moment you’ve been waiting for — the main course! ROAM’s main plates have many gluten-free and vegetarian options. Craving a ROAM burger? Have it made with an Impossible patty over a gluten-free bun. Interested in a hearty vegetarian main course? Try the grilled cauliflower steak. Does a creamy, cheesy pasta hit the spot? Try the mushroom Bolognese.

However, these main courses are also available with meat and wheat. Burger aficionados will love the ROAM burger served on a Big Ed’s brioche bun. This eight-ounce patty is topped with tomato relish, Tillamook white cheddar, pickled red onions, arugula, and a Bourbon-bacon jam. Sure, you could choose a side salad, but that wouldn’t be as fun as opting for a side of fries.

Shallow bowl holds pappardelle pasta covered in bologense sauce and sliced oyster mushrooms
Bolognese is available with Wagyu beef or oyster mushrooms. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

For a classically-prepared Bolognese, you must try the Wagyu Bolognese. This housemade sauce is prepared with ground Wagyu beef and served over pappardelle pasta, and topped with parmesan freshly shaved over your bowl until you say “stop.” Should you have room for dessert, allow the ROAM staff to recommend one of the specials. Or, go for the crème brûlée topped with Marionberry compote and dusted in powdered sugar.

Hamburger sits with top bun slightly open face, showing off a patty with melted cheese, brigthly colored arugula, and pickled red onions
Now that’s a burger! | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Happy hour in Downtown Bend

The only thing better than happy hour? Late night happy hour! ROAM offers happy hour specials every day from 2 until 5 p.m., and then again from 9 to 10 p.m. Get discounts on some of their most popular share plates, like charcuterie and ROAM fries. Similarly, get one-dollar off of beer and wine pours, and 20% off of your favorite cocktails.

Copyright Eat Drink Media

Share plates

Why come hungry to happy hour at ROAM in Downtown Bend? Exhibit A: smoked salmon and caviar dip. *Insert heart-eyes emoji.* Housemade smoked salmon dip comes topped with trout roe and chives and served with salty, crispy potato chips for scooping.

Of course, you can balance out this umami plate by pairing it with their heirloom tomatoes. Tri-colored heirloom tomatoes are thickly sliced and topped with a drizzle of olive oil and basil microgreens before being finished with a sprinkle of Oregon Pinot Noir salt.

Bowl of smoked salmon dipped is topped with orange fish roe and paired next to fresh thick cut potato chips
Housemade smoked salmon dip comes with thick potato chips. | Copyright Eat Drink Media
Tri colored tomatoes thickly sliced and topped with basil microgreens
Basil microgreens complement these heirloom tomatoes. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

And, while it should go without saying, we’re saying it anyways — happy hour is never complete without a good plate of crispy Brussels sprouts. ROAM dresses their Brussels in a honey vinaigrette and tops them with crispy shallots, hazelnuts, pepitas, and crispy prosciutto.

Happy hour cocktails

Ah, the main event of any happy hour — the cocktails! Sure, you could go with a glass of Oregon wine or Bend craft beer. Or, you could try one of ROAM’s many signature cocktails.

For those of you who appreciate a foamy egg white cocktail, do not miss out on the Spirit Animal. This frothy cocktail comes with Plantation 3 Stars Rum, passion fruit and vanilla liqueurs, acid-adjusted orange, and orange flower water all shaken with pasteurized egg white and served ‘up’. Finally, this beauty is dusted in cinnamon and garnished with a dried orange slice.

Martini glass contains an orange cocktail with a foamy white top and garnished with a dried orange slice
Frothy Spirit Animal cocktail for Happy Hour. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Indulge in a darker and more floral cocktail with ROAM’s Blood Moon. Made with fruity crème de cassis and Lillet Blanc, floral earl grey tea, and infused with vodka, lemon, and blackberry, the Blood Moon is a fantastic choice for an elevated happy hour experience. Of course, you can always opt for one of each.

Overlooking top of a glass with red-violet colored cocktail and dehydrated lemon slice and fresh blackberry
Equally floral and fruity – the Blood Moon cocktail. | Copyright Eat Drink Media

Visit ROAM in Downtown Bend, Oregon

While happy hour and lunch are likely more flexible, it’s recommended to make reservations for weekend brunch or dinner. Of course, you can always visit ROAM for breakfast from 7 a.m. until 11 a.m. Monday through Friday or lunch from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Here, you can preview the full menu or make reservations at ROAM. Open every day from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m.

5 Places to Grab a Really Good Cocktail

Are you due for a friends’ night out? Craving some of Bend’s best cocktails? We’ve listed just a few of the best bars in Bend to meet up for anything from champagne margaritas to cigars and pizza. Enjoy a Central Oregon evening of happy hour, pregame, or a nightcap with a few of the best cocktails in Bend!

1. San Simón

Set in Tin Pan Alley downtown, this gem of a bar offers indoor and outdoor seating, fantastic cocktails, and build-your-own charcuterie boards. Dubbed the “Cheers” bar for cocktails, San Simón is a place for all types of meet-ups. (During the summer, we love their boozy slushie cocktails.)

Start your evening out with a glass of wine before dinner, gather for classic daiquiris and charcuterie boards, or come for a nightcap of painkillers affront the fire pit. Note: a painkiller is a cocktail of orange juice, coconut creme, pineapple, rum, and nutmeg that originated in the British Virgin Islands and is popular in New Orleans.

When you’re hungry, ask for a charcuterie menu that allows you to choose your own meats, cheeses, pickles, and conservas. Don’t forget to add a chocolate bar from local chocolate maker Fawkes Confectionery. Add this to your list of the best bars in Bend!

hand holds a bright yellow colored cocktail in front of a brick wall at san simon bar in bend oregon
Copyright Eat Drink Media

San Simón is open daily from 2 pm ’til late.
845 Tin Pan Alley, Bend


2. Waypoint

When you don’t want to venture downtown, head to Waypoint at The Grove Market Hall. It’s the second taproom from Bend Brewing Company and features BBC beers, specialty cocktails, a curated wine list, and their own label of spirits. There’s plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and a large fireplace to gather around.

Tuesday is local’s night for beer, wine, and cocktail specials. Check out their social media page for updates on live music, which takes place on their spacious outdoor patio. Waypoint doesn’t offer food, but you can order from surrounding food carts and counters inside of The Grove. Try delicious egg rolls and fried wontons from ThAiPAS, fast-casual Italian from Sunny’s Carrello, and lobster rolls from Sebastian’s Seafood.

Orange cocktail with foamy top poured into a couple glass on a gray counter with jars of fresh fruits in the background at Waypoint bar in bend oregon
Copyright Eat Drink Media

Waypoint is open Wednesday through Saturday from noon ’til close;
Sunday through Tuesday from 3 pm ’til close.
921 NW Mt. Washington Drive, Bend


3. The Dogwood Cocktail Cabin

Dogwood is often voted one of the the best bars in Bend, and for good reason. They have an impressive cocktail list while offering delicious bites that you won’t believe come from a bar kitchen. And, when you’re in the mood for that young and free feeling, head to Dogwood on a weekend evening. You might just catch a DJ playing throwback and earworms. 

The cocktail menu features plenty of aromatics, herbs, and infusions. Think rosebuds, CBD, specialty bitters, and orange blossom. And it doesn’t end there — opt for low ABV cocktails or even a curated mocktail in lieu of imbibing.

The cabin-like bar offers plenty of seating options, including a dart room, outdoor tables, and cozy nooks. Stop by between 5 and 7 PM or anytime during open hours on Sunday for Cabin Fever, aka happy hour. Select eats and drinks are 25% off.

Fancy cocktail glass holds an orange cocktail garnished with an orange peel at Dogwood cocktail bar in bend oregon
Copyright Eat Drink Media

Dogwood is open Tuesday through Sunday from 5 pm ’til midnight.
147 NW Minnesota Avenue, Bend


4. Velvet

From the outside, Velvet looks like a small plant shop. (You might even notice the sign explicitly stating that it’s anything but.) Step inside and you’ll find intimate seating, plenty of plant babies, and two bars—both upstairs and downstairs. 

The drinks are generous in size, beautifully garnished, and unique. Like their champagne jalapeño margarita, an enticing blend of silver tequila, jalapeño, cucumber, housemade lemonade, and sparkling wine. Or, try a blue velvet made with house-infused blueberry vodka, homemade lemonade, Yerba Maté, and infused Oregon blueberries.

Pre-game your evening plans with a slice from Pizza Mondo next door, or order bacon-wrapped apricot skewers and BLT sliders from Velvet. The bar also serves up Aussie meat pies and a few hot drinks that are perfect for sweater weather.

Hand holds a couple glass filled with a martini and skewer of olives at Velvet bar in Bend Oregon
Courtesy – The Bend House

Velvet is open daily from 5 pm ’til midnight.
805 NW Wall Street, Bend


5. O’Kanes at McMenamins Old St. Francis School

O’Kane’s is one piece of the larger McMenamins Old St. Francis School complex. The 1936 Catholic schoolhouse was transformed into a hotel in 2004 and has been outfitted with a pub, brewery, movie theater, and beautiful soaking pool. 

Set in the schoolhouse’s former garage, O’Kanes offers patrons Northwest-style pub fare, handcrafted beverages, and cigar smoking. You can sit inside and curl up in front of the 1896 Round Oak stove or enjoy the wood-burning fire pits on the patio. Find their patio situated between hotel guestrooms and the soaking pool. You’ll see guests walking through the patio in bathrobes to get to the pool and wonder why you’re not doing the same.

The cocktail menu at O’Kane’s features bourbons and whiskeys from around the globe. Pick your poison, grab a cigar, and don’t forget a growler fill of beer on your way out. Catch happy hour specials from 3 to 6 pm every Sunday through Thursday.

Large brick building with snow on the ground, lit up at night with sign that reads McMenamins Pub and Brewery in Bend Oregon
Courtesy – McMenamins Old St. Francis School

O’Kanes is open weekdays from 3 pm ’til close;
weekends noon ’til close.
700 NW Bond Street, Bend


Could these be some of the best bars in Bend? We’ll let you decide! Tag @eatdrinkbend when you visit one or more of these cocktail bars!


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8 Locals Nights in Bend and Redmond

Locals who support locals are a special kind of rockstar. Whether you’re looking to cozy up around a fire pit in the winter, or enjoy the evening warmth in the summer, these specials will have you making plans early in the week. Check out these Locals Nights in Bend and Redmond!

Monday Nights

1. Crater Lake Spirits – Free Tastings

Shot glasses lined up on a menu with samples of Crater Lake Spirits flavored vodkas
Copyright Eat Drink Media

Choose from Crater Lake’s craft spirits for complimentary tastings every Monday at the Downtown tasting room. Add the Hatch Chili Vodka to your tasting sheet for a distinguished vodka with a kick. They roast and infuse their own hatch chilis in the distillation process!

Crater Lake Spirits
1024 Bond st., Bend
Happening: Mondays from noon til close
(541) 480-3483

2. Silver Moon Brewing – $3 Pints

Chalis labeled silver moon brewing is filled with deep golden beer with a foamy top, sitting on a picnic table
Courtesy Silver Moon Brewing

Just off of Bend’s Downtown beaten path, Silver Moon Brewing hosts all-day local specials every Monday. Get a pint of your favorite pour for three bucks from 11:30 am until 10 pm. Pub fare and hoppy, fruity ales are their specialties.

Silver Moon Brewing
24 Greenwood Ave, Bend
Happening: Monday 11:30 am til close
(541) 388-8331

3. On Tap Food Truck Lot -$4 pints and $6 wines

Row of pint beers including dark stout, golden ale, and light colored lager, line a bar top with keg taps in the background.
Courtesy On Tap

What’s great about On Tap’s already amazing happy hour specials? They run all day long! Grab a bite, like the Chef’s Special noodle dishes from Himalayan Bites or a Summer Salad with your choice of smoked meats from CurbBQ, and enjoy live music on the lawn from 6-8 pm! Plenty of room for distancing.

1424 Cushing Dr, Bend
Happening: Mondays 11 am til close

Tuesdays Nights

4. Bend Brewing Co. -$4 Pints

Woman pulls a keg tap pouring a golden colored beer in a plastic cup on a sunny day
Courtesy Bend Brewing Co.

Get any beer on tap at BBC for $4 from 4 pm until closing. Just picture it: BBC’s sprawling lawn, a Majestic Spread IPA, and a plate of their crispy fish tacos. Its premiere waterfront location consistently beats cooking at home in the heat. Taps are open until 10 pm.

1019 Brooks St, Bend
Happening: Tuesdays 4 pm til close

5. Wild Ride Brewing – $3 Select Beers

Close up lagel beer with the Wild Ride brewing logo on glass
Courtesy Wild Ride Brewing

Wild Ride offers a great outdoor setting with an airy indoor taproom just off of Redmond’s Downtown strip. Choose from a select 6 beers for $3 each and get your growler fills for $9! There are plenty of food options, like Red Road Pizza Co. and Wild Catch English-Style Fish & Chips.

332 5th St, Redmond
Happening: Tuesdays 11 am til close

6. Kobold Brewing – $1 Off Pints

Several wooden keg taps are labeled Kobold
Courtesy Kobold Brewing

Kobold Fans will love this one! Every Kobold brew is $1 off all day long every Tuesday. That means lunch hour, happy hour, dinner hour, you name it! That includes their Bohemian Pilsner, Screeching Blonde Ale, and Hazelnut Porter. Happening noon until 10 pm!

245 6th St, Redmond
Happening: Tuesdays from noon til close

7. Bevel Beer – $4 pints

Light beer with foamy top is focused in the foreground with a fire pit table in the background
Copyright Eat Drink Media

Two fire pits, five food carts. The 9th Street Village anchor brewery is offering $4 pints every Tuesday. Bevel’s Sky-Styler, a Farmhouse-style IPA, goes great with anything from Asada tacos from Taqueria el Nava, to Poke Nachos from Aina Hawaiian to the VooDoo salad from Southern Accent.

911 Armour dr., Bend
Happening: Tuesdays all day

Wednesday Nights

8. Worthy Brewing Company – $4 Pints

Plate of hotdog topped with sauerkraut, side of french fries, side of crispy brussel sprouts, sits on a bright yellow table
Courtesy Worthy Brewing Company

The Eastside pub also features a brat, fries & beer special for 10 bucks. Snag a Secret Spot Pacific Pale Ale for a summer evening with tunes and taps. We promise you won’t want to miss this one.

495 Bellevue Dr, Bend
Happening: Wednesdays 11:30 am til close

Locals Night in Bend

There are so many great locals nights throughout Bend and Central Oregon. Follow us on Instagram for real-time updates, or add our Events Calendar to your “favorites” for the best food and drink happenings in Bend and Central Oregon.